Happy Starts! 

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When praying to know what my kids needed this summer, I knew they needed to learn the payoff of a routine in their little lives. ROUTINE?! ME?! IN SUMMER?! ... 

I know, right?! 

But here's the thing, like with most personal revelation, when I put the effort into that small prompting.. it WORKED. 

Each morning I encouraged and helped my kids check off their own "happy starts" list. It was all the things they were most likely already doing, but with the "fun" of chekcing them off for no other reason but feeling GOOD about getting their day going! 

Watching my littles sneak away to say their personal prayers and mark all the sight words they knew in their scriptures was such a sweet moment as their mama. 

I wanted to pass on this mom-hack we can call it! I hope it blesses the lives of your kids, and YOU. 

& of course there is one for US too! 

Implenting my OWN "Happy Starts" has been a game changer in this season of my life. You can snag that printable BELOW! & learn more about this specific "tool" in my spiritual, mental, and even physcial "toolbox" HERE>>

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