April 2018

General Conference talk PDF download with MARGINS! 

I've simply compiled every talk, including the women's conference from October, into one PDF with a side margin for note taking. (You can do this yourself if you'd like by rescaling each talk to 75% before printing.) 

The PDF is 147 pages total and can be printed front & back and spiral bound at your local print shop! Talks are straight from LDS.org and are not altered in any way aside from scaling to 75%. 

I also created a simple cover for your conference notebook if you'd like! It is a seperate download and can be found below. 

Download instantly sent directly to your inbox. :)

Make sure to tag me in your printed versions! I can't wait to dive into these inspired messages myself, and connect with you in our indiviudal study! 

Cover Art

I've designed and created TWO differnet cover art styles for you! My husband lovingly informed me that, he'd prefer something a bit more "simple" ;) SO! There is a hand lettered style cover & a more contemporary take on the same words. Feel free to download both if you'd like! They are both even in black & white in order to keep it cost effective!